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Pest Control

Carpet Beetles

Pest - Carpet beetle Black Carpet Beetle (2-4mm) is related to Furniture Carpet Beetle, Museum Beetle and Fur Beetle, the latter being larger (4-6mm) and black with some white markings. This stage of the Carpet Beetle is not the evil doer, it is the larvae stage (woolly bear) that you need to worry about.

The Carpet Beetles fly, have life of 2-6 weeks in spring/summer and feed outdoors on flower pollen and nectar. The beetle does no harm in the home, other than lay eggs onto katrin containing products ie: wool, fur, leather, silk and animal remains.

Woolly Bear (Carpet Beetle Larvae)

These are destructive to home furnishings feeding on carpets and sometimes clothes. 4-5mm long, brown in colour and possess 3 bunches of golden hairs arranged in pairs on the posterior abdominal segments. They avoid light and will roll up (not laugh!!!) when disturbed. They have several moulting stages so you may find many larval moults. They can survive up to 10 months and will hibernate through winter.

Pest - Carpet Beetle Larvae Woolly Bear

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