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Mice & Rats

Rats and Mice both belong to a group of mammals known as Rodents, the most important characteristic of which is the possession of constantly growing incisor teeth. This feature means that these animals must constantly gnaw to keep the growth in check. Both rodents are colour blind and have an acute sense of smell, hearing and touch.


Pest - RatsThe common rat (Brown or Sewer rat) is very nervous of new object - known as 'neophobia'. They live under buildings, in refuse heaps, in holes and in sewers. Their lifespan is between 9-18 months and can produce up to 7 litters of 8-10

Brown rats will burrow and live outdoors, indoors or in sewers and nest in burrows. Black rats are non burrowing and will nest mainly in walls, vines or trees. The Brown rat can climb, but is not agile - unlike the Black Rat.

Brown Rats are good swimmers and are predictable in habit, unlike the black rat.

The more common Brown Rats are approx 335g in weight and tend to have a bulky body with small hairy ears and a blunt nozzle (black rats will be pointed). They are either brown or brown-grey in colour. Their droppings are approx 12mm and spindle shaped and can be either in groups or scattered. They have a scaly tail which is normally 3/4 length of the head and body. Black rats are slightly smaller and weight 200 grams. Brown rats have a harsh and shaggy fur, whilst the Black rat has a smoother, softer fur.

Rats are omnivorous. The Brown rat will eat meat, whereas the black rat will east mainly fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables. They can both consume up to 30g per day, they need to drink water or eat food with a high water content.


Pest - MouseUnlike rats, mice are very inquisitive to new objects. They can climb and are erratic in habit. They have a life span of 9-12 months and can produce up to 8 litters of 5-6 offspring per year.

House Mice will sometimes burrow and live either indoors or outdoors. Although they occasionally burrow, they will normally make their nests within stored materials.

The House Mouse is approximately 15g in weight and 60-90mm in length, they have a slender body with a pointed nozzle and large hairy ears. They are brown-grey in colour. Their droppings are approximately 3mm-7mm long and spindle shaped and will tend to be scattered. Their tail is 4/5 length of the head and body.

Mice will nibble. They prefer cereals and can consume 3 grams per day. They can survive with very little water (unlike rats) and often obtain sufficient water in food without the need to drink.

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