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Pest - FleasFleas found they will normally be cat or dog fleas as human fleas are rare now except in third-world countries.

Pet fleas can be brought in by the pets, people, second-hand carpets etc. Adult fleas may feed on different animals but larvae require the sort of conditions offered by wall-to-wall carpeting (hiding places) and central heating (warmth all year). Flea eggs are laid on carpets or fabrics. The eggs hatch into larvae that then pupate. They can wait dormant before emerging as adults. If conditions are favourable e.g., vibration and warmth, they will hatch into adults. This takes about 2 weeks in mild weather. Eggs can lie dormant for up to 18 months, usually in empty properties.

Flea Bites may be seen in clusters, with cat and dog fleas being seen mainly below the knee, more commonly around the ankles.

Fleas Infection

Pest - Fleas Infection

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