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Pest Control

Birds (Pigeons, Sparrows)

Pest - PigeonBirds roost on building ledges, causing defacement and health risks from their droppings.

Starlings and sparrows often nest inside roof voids, causing thousands of minute bird mites to enter the premises.

The bites of bird mites are 10 times worse than fleas and cause severe skin irritation and blotching.

Various long term bird control deterrent systems or products can be used where pigeons are a problem.

This may include installation of plastic or stainless steel spikes on ledges or other roosting areas; post and spring wire barriers and bird netting to exclude pigeons from particular areas.

In some areas, shooting of pigeons may be allowed as approved by National Parks & Wildlife Service and the local police authorities. Live trapping and humane disposal of the pigeons is also permitted in certain circumstances.

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